Building documentation

The documentation for OpenTitan is available online. The creation of documentation is mainly based around the conversion from Markdown to HTML files with Hugo. Rules for how to write correct Markdown files can be found in the reference manual.

Building locally

Before Hugo is executed a few project specific processing steps are necessary. These steps require the installation of the dependencies outlined in the following section. All processing steps as well as the invocation to Hugo are combined in the script util/


The documentation build requirements are covered in the install instructions ‘System preperation’ section. You don’t need to install the compiler or fpga tools for building documentation.

Running the server

In order to run a local instance of the documentation server run the following command from the root of the project repository.

$ ./util/ --preview

This will execute the preprocessing, fetch the correct Hugo version, build the documentation and finally start a local server. The output will indicate at which address the local instance can be accessed. The default is