This class read a list of vector files and parse the useful information to uvm_sequences. The following is a list of common properties and methods:

  • _file_list: A string list of file names grouped by tested functionality.
  • test_vectors_t: A structure of parsed information.
  • str_to_bytes: A method to parse string to a vector of bytes.
  • get_test_vectors_path: A method to get file directory from the run option, and concatenate with input file name. Return the full file path.
  • open_file: A method to open a file with specific path, and return a open file handle.
  • parse_sha: A method to parse SHA vectors files. Return an array of test_vectors_t.

SHA256 vectors

The SHA256LongMsg.rsp and SHA256ShortMsg.rsp are test vector files downloaded from the NIST website.

HMAC vectors

The HMAC_RFC4868.rsp contains test vectors extracted from IETF RFC 4868.