AES Wrap Verilator Testbench

This directory contains a basic, scratch Verilator testbench targeting functional verification of the AES wrapper.

How to build and run the testbench

From the OpenTitan top level execute

fusesoc --cores-root=. run --setup --build lowrisc:dv_verilator:aes_wrap_tb

to build the testbench and afterwards

./build/lowrisc_dv_verilator_aes_wrap_tb_0/default-verilator/Vaes_wrap_tb \

to run it.

Details of the testbench

  • rtl/ SystemVerilog testbench, instantiates and drives the different AES wrapper, compares outputs, signals test end and result (pass/fail) to C++ via output ports.
  • cpp/ Contains main function and instantiation of SimCtrl, reads output ports of DUT and signals simulation termination to Verilator.