Partition Secret Buffered WR Lockable RD Lockable Description
CREATOR_SW_CFG no no yes (Digest) yes (CSR) Software configuration partition for device-specific calibration data (Clock, LDO, RNG, device identity).
OWNER_SW_CFG no no yes (Digest) yes (CSR) Software configuration partition for data that changes software behavior, specifically in the ROM. E.g., enabling defensive features in ROM or selecting failure modes if verification fails.
HW_CFG no yes yes (Digest) no Hardware configuration bits used to hardwire specific hardware functionality. E.g., raw entropy accessibility or FLASH scrambling bypass range.
SECRET0 yes yes yes (Digest) yes (Digest) Test unlock tokens.
SECRET1 yes yes yes (Digest) yes (Digest) SRAM and FLASH scrambling key roots used for scrambling key derivation.
SECRET2 yes yes yes (Digest) yes (Digest) RMA unlock token and creator root key.
LIFE_CYCLE no yes no no Life-cycle related bits. This partition cannot be locked as the life cycle state needs to be able to advance to RMA in-field. Note that while this partition is not marked secret (i.e. it is not scrambled) it is not readable nor writeable via the DAI. Only the LC controller can access this partition, and even via the LC controller it is not possible to read the raw manufacturing life cycle state in encoded form, since that encoding is considered a netlist secret. The LC controller only exposes a decoded version of this state.