Ibex RISC-V Core Wrapper Technical Specification


This document specifies Ibex CPU core wrapper functionality.


  • Instantiation of a Ibex RV32 CPU Core.
  • TileLink Uncached Light (TL-UL) host interfaces for the instruction and data ports.


The Ibex RISC-V Core Wrapper instantiates an Ibex RV32 CPU Core, and wraps its data and instruction memory interfaces to TileLink Uncached Light (TL-UL). All configuration parameters of Ibex are passed through. The pipelining of the bus adapters is configurable.


Ibex is a compliant RV32 RISC-V CPU core, as documented in the Ibex documentation.

The TL-UL bus interfaces exposed by this wrapper block are compliant to the TileLink Uncached Lite Specification version 1.7.1.

Theory of Operations

Hardware Interfaces

All ports and parameters of Ibex are exposed through this wrapper module, except for the instruction and data memory interfaces (signals starting with instr_ and data_). Refer to the Ibex documentation for a detailed description of these signals and parameters.

The instruction and data memory ports are exposed as TL-UL ports.

// Instruction memory interface
output tlul_pkg::tl_h2d_t     tl_i_o,
input  tlul_pkg::tl_d2h_t     tl_i_i,

// Data memory interface
output tlul_pkg::tl_h2d_t     tl_d_o,
input  tlul_pkg::tl_d2h_t     tl_d_i,

The PipeLine parameter can be used to configure the bus adapter pipelining.

  • Setting PipeLine to 0 disables pipelining, which gives minimal latency between the bus and the core, at the cost of a combinatorial path into the core.
  • Setting PipeLine to 1 introduces a pipelining FIFO between the core instruction/data interfaces and the bus. This setting increases the memory access latency, but improves timing.