RISC-V Platform-Level Interrupt Controller

RV_PLIC module is to manage multiple interrupt events generated from the peripherals. It implements Platform-Level Interrupt Controller in RISC-V Privileges specification Section 7.


The tool is to create register Hjson and top module rv_plic.sv files given values of number of sources, number of targets, and max value of priority. By default sources is 32, target is 1 and priority is 7 (8 level of priorities supported)

To change the value and to re-create hjson,

$ util/reg_rv_plic.py -s 32 -t 1 -p 7 data/rv_plic.hjson.tpl > data/rv_plic.hjson
$ util/reg_rv_plic.py -s 32 -t 1 -p 7 data/rv_plic.sv.tpl > rtl/rv_plic.sv