CoreMark Benchmark

Building CoreMark

To build CoreMark under meson:

cd "${REPO_TOP}"
ninja -C build-out sw/device/benchmarks/coremark/coremark_export_${DEVICE}

Where ${DEVICE} is one of ‘sim_verilator’ or ‘fpga_nexysvideo’

This will give you a .bin and .elf file (suitable for either spiflash or giving directly to --meminit for Verilator) which can be found in build-bin/sw/device/fpga/benchmarks/coremark

CoreMark Options

The meson build script alters ITERATIONS (specifying how many iterations CoreMark does) depending on whether it is a sim-verilator or an fpga build. 1 iteration is used for sim-verilator, 100 for fpga.

The meson script is hardcoded to give PERFORMANCE_RUN with TOTAL_DATA_SIZE=2000. These are settings required for reportable CoreMark figures. If you wish to use other options please alter sw/device/benchmarks/coremark/ appropriately. See the CoreMark README in sw/vendor/eembc_coremark/ for further information on the possibilities.