FPGA Splice flow

This is a FPGA utility script which embedds the generated rom elf file into FPGA bitstream. Script assumes there is pre-generated FPGA bit file in the build directory. The boot rom mem file is auto generated.

How to run the script

Utility script to load MEM contents into BRAM FPGA bitfile.


$ cd $REPO_TOP
$ ./util/fpga/splice_nexysvideo.sh

Updated output bitfile located : at the same place as raw vivado bitfile @ build/lowrisc_systems_chip_earlgrey_nexysvideo_0.1/synth-vivado/lowrisc_systems_chip_earlgrey_nexysvideo_0.1.splice.bit

This directory contains following files:

  • splice_nexysvideo.sh - main script to load memory contents into bitfile
  • bram_load.mmi - format which vivado tool understands on which FPGA BRAM locations the SW contents should go
  • addr4x.py - utility script used underneath to do address calculation to map with FPGA BRAM architecture